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4 best friends 100% natural rubber pet toys

4BF natural rubber pet toys

We Give Back! 5% of profits are donated to pet-related organizations.

Safe, Non-toxic, Plant-derived Natural Rubber! No Plastic or Artificial Additives.

We Give Back! 5% of profits are donated to pet-related organizations.

4BF makes six dog toys, each available in three colors – Signature Orange, Eco-Green and All Natural. The refillable, random bounce Crazy Bounce is available in 4 sizes, and our newest toy, Crazy Bounce Rope is available in two sizes. All are made of safe, non-toxic, plant-derived natural rubber. Crazy Bounce Rope and Tugging Star also feature natural cotton or non-toxic nylon rope. 4BF natural rubber pet toys are carefully formulated to provide pets with superior playing performance, optimum size, shape, softness, elasticity, strength, taste and smell.

Rubber toys used to be commonplace in many homes. They were soft and flexible; and they would not hurt anyone, no matter how hard they were thrown. Children could twist them, pull them, distort them – but the toys would always spring back to their original shapes. Such were the elastic properties of this wonderful, natural material. And though many toy manufacturers (for people and pets) turned toward the use of plastics and other non-natural products, the results were sometimes unpleasant, and always not natural. That's why we've been making our playables from locally sourced, plant-derived natural rubber from the hevea tree for over 7o years. We have never even been tempted to use plastic additives, silicones or other potentially harmful substances. Natural rubber is safe; nontoxic; and naturally soft, elastic, breathable, and perfect for pet and people play. It is also environmentally friendly because it is low impact and sustainably harvested. It is a renewable resource, biodegradable, free of phthalates, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), petroleum, heavy metals

We love our pets, and we know you do as well. They are our best friends! That's why we named our brand 4BF (for best FRIENDS); and it's why we make the best pet toys available today! Safe. Playable. Healthy. Fun. But, we also care about pets that are not as fortunate as ours. So, we support them and those who care for them by donating a minimum of 5% of our profits to animal shelters and other pet-related charitable organizations. According to ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, so they need our help. And we believe that pet owners will appreciate that by purchasing 4BF products, they are contributing to the cause as well.

The 4BF standard product line consists of six toys and three colors. However, because we are the manufacturer with it's own factory, as well as design and production capabilities, we have the flexibility of accommodating our clients with a wide variety of custom products, using the 4BF Custom Program. This can include additional or proprietary colors; custom molds for brand-specific applications; different shapes and sizes; and client-individualized packaging, including multiple toy configurations. At the present time, we can manufacture up to 200,000 toys per month, so delivery of high-volume, quick turnaround orders is welcome. We look forward to discussing your special needs or requests. (Minimum quantities may be required for custom products.)